Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marienhof, Flemlingen, Germany

If you want the best tips on excellent places to go in Germany,
always ask a local.
 We asked our friend Helmut where we should go that was pretty, interesting and
had good Neuer wine and Zwiebelkuchen.
This is the time of year for this yummy treat in Germany.

 Zwiebelkuchen is part of the autumn tradition in the Black Forest/Rheinland Pfalz area of the Germany. This onion tart was the very German food I sampled when we moved to Germany in September 1996. Our landlady made a divine Zwiebelkuchen to welcome us. It's similar to a quiche and besides the onions it also sometimes contains ham and sour cream.

Helmut told us we'd find what we were after at Flemlingen's Marienhof .
He said if you choose to sit on the terrace outside you enjoy a lovely view of the  mountains and the vineyards.

If you choose to sit inside the restaurant, you'll find it's honeycombed with interesting and
charming little rooms.

We loved walking through and seeing the different rooms.

It was hard to make a choice of where we wanted to sit and eat.

They even offer a playroom for children in a special little alcove.

I ordered up my Zwiebelkuchen and Neuer Wine.
New Wine is just that, new young wine, it's a bit sweet and not very alcoholic. 
It goes well with the onion tart.
It tasted wonderful and as always,
the first bite makes me wax nostalgic about our first four wonderful years in Germany.

Mac had the beef in a Spätburgunder wine sauce with
potato knödel. He said it was excellent.
This restaurant serves many of the typical
dishes from the Rheinland-Palatinate region as well, as being a

They even had their own song written in 1968 about wine from
Flemlingen up on one of the restaurant walls.
Mac says he gives this place a thumbs up.  Sorry I can't take his picture with his normal thumbs up,
he's busy wandering through the vineyard singing his new song!
Here's the info you will need.
Marienhof- Sylvia and Georg Minges
Bachstrasse 16
D-76835  Flemlingen

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