Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Restaurant Dicker Mann, Regensburg

Dan had asked around as to what might be a good place to eat in Regensburg and people had told him about the Dicker Mann.  As we meandered around seeing the sights we happened upon this restaurant
at Krebsgasse 6, Regensburg 93047

It was indeed lovely with an uneven stone floor at the entrance. It was full of old world charm and they say it's one of the oldest restaurants in Regensburg.
We decided that any restaurant that means FAT MAN in English couldn't be all bad!

Mac had the meat and German dumpling known as Knödel.

Dan had the "wurst" salad.  He says he'll miss the "wursts" and "wheat beer" when he gets home.
I'll have to ship you some Dan!

I believe Anna had the carrot soup which, she said was very creamy and tasted lovely.

I shared my schnitzel and I have to say this was one of the best schnitzel's I've had in Germany.
The service was quick and friendly and the Barvarian food well worth the trip.
The prices were quite reasonable.

Now what to do......well, being a Mom I knew just the thing.
Daniel has to move his student accommodations, so I took pictures for his parents and fiancée.

There's Dan's new doorway!

Dan's new window.  I was sorry we couldn't see inside the room.

Last but not least, Dan's mailbox where he will collect all that lovely post from friends and family.

Thanks for the lovely day Daniel and Anna.
We had so much fun!

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