Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Café Prinzess, Regensburg, Germany

I am afraid I was on a mission when I heard that Regensburg boasted having the oldest café in Germany.  It seems the first café in Austria opened in 1683 in Vienna. In 1686 the Café Prinzess opened as the first café in Germany. It has amazing chocolates and pralines, but we were there to get out of the gloom and have some cake and coffee.
You will find it located at

Rathausplatz 2, 93047 Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

This is Daniel and his sister Anna our Regensburg tour companions.
Dan is actually going to school here so he showed us around.

The room we sat in to have our cake was charming and full of atmosphere.

I had the Bienenstich Cake (Bee Sting Cake) which, is one of Mac's favorites.

Dan had the strudel with cream.

Anna opted for the strudel with custard.

Mac chose something none of us had ever tasted but it was lovely.
So good in fact, that I traded him cakes half-way through!

Mac gives it the thumbs up and says, "Do stop in and try this wonderful place if you are in Regensburg,
you won't be sorry."

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