Monday, September 12, 2011

The CUBE, Stuttgart, Germany

We headed into the heart of Stuttgart this weekend with our friends
Sandra and Ryan. 
 Christopher and I were celebrating our first meeting 21 years ago in England.
I had heard of an interesting gourmet restaurant that afforded an unusual view of Stuttgart. This restaurant was located on the top floor of the "Kunstmuseum"
                 Kleiner Schloßplatz 1, im Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, 70173 Stuttgart.
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On entering the museum you see a bar, walk around the corner to the right and
take the elevator to the fourth floor. 

You are deposited at the top floor of the museum in what does indeed look like a

The views over Stuttgart were wonderful.

We entered THE CUBE by revolving glass doors where a lovely fresh flower arrangement
enhanced the reservation area.

They showed us our table and asked us if we'd like an aperitif in the little lounge area while we waited for Sandra and Ryan to arrive.

If you'd like a window table, do NOT use the Book a table but call the restaurant

The restaurant is clean and modern with a "zen" feeling.
  The table linens are crisp

while the bar is "futuristic" and

as it continued to change colors throughout the evening.

The chef started us off with  baby shrimp in a sauce he had created.
It tasted lovely.

Being our anniversary and all, Mac and I decided to start with the
EXPENSIVE, 4 decandant tapas, for 39 Euro.
It consisted of pâté, tuna tartar, Maine lobster
and homemade ravioli. 
 The tuna did not taste nice.
 The tiny piece of Maine lobster was overcooked and the most rubbery I ever tasted. 
Being a girl from Maine, I do know what lobster is
supposed to taste like!
The ravioli were nice though.
Save your money folks and don't order this appetizer.

Ryan hit the jackpot with his much CHEAPER and prettier
Quail appetizer.
The taste.....we all thought it was amazing.

For the main course, Ryan and I decided on the monkfish
which, I found delightful with it's homemade gnocchi and mushrooms.
It was cooked to perfection.

Sandra opted for the tuna and noodle dish which was very tasty.

Mac ordered the Duck. 
If you like duck, you couldn't get much better than this dish!

Mac and I shared a wonderful  Crème brûlée for dessert.

Sandra and Ryan had the mango surprise.

What a fantastic evening.  The view, the food and the company
couldn't have been better.
A delightful evening!

Mac and Ryan give this moderately expensive

two thumbs up.
It is definately worth a visit if you are
living or visiting Stuttgart.

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