Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The MOST UNUSUAL Spa Experience/Garra Rufa Fish

While visiting England awaiting the birth of my little granddaughter,
my daughter insisted on treating me to a belated Mother's Day
Spa experience.
I am all for being pampered when it's on offer, but I was not quite prepared for what she proposed.

We set off for what people in Milton Keynes, England call the
"City Centre" or what we American's call
  When we lived in the area years ago, I enjoyed shopping here.
Amy took me to a new shop called "FEET THERAPY".

A lovely assistant welcomed us.

I was shown to the "foot washing" station

where I dutifully rinsed my feet and

donned my "trendy" footwear to head to my spa

My eyes grew wide.
"You want me to do what.....stick my feet in a fish tank and call that a

Since I have spent most of my life TRYING new food and being dragged into adventures with Mac, I had no choice but to embrace the experience.
I plunged my feet into tank.

The most extraordinary feeling as the little fish attached themselves to my
feet.  It tickled a bit but I soon got used to it.

I was told that these Garra rufa fish are found in a hot spring near Kangal, Turkey.
Sometimes dubbed the "Doctor fish" these small minnow like fish eat all the dry skin from your feet.
Some brilliant person on a visit to Kangal and seeing the hot spring and fish nibbling away realized many of the people coming to the spring had psoriasis  or just plain
DRY feet.
                               "What a great business opportunity!" he must have thought.
These spas are spreading like wildfire through Europe.

My grandson found it very interesting too.
I must confess, it was a lot nicer to have the dry skin gently nibbled away then me rubbing my heels ferociously with a pumice stone!

After my time in the tank was finished the assistant massaged my feet with
WOW, my feet were really soft and no more dry skin.
Mac can I get this done every week?

What a great daughter and son-in-law!

I will leave you with my cousin Terry's comment on my spa experience.
"Now...if you use a snorkel and stick your face in there, do you get a facial?"
I don't know Terry....THAT I don't think I'd try!  LOL


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